AC Maintenance

Benefits of Maintenance

There are a few HVAC maintenance tasks you can perform yourself, such as changing the air filter every month and clearing yard debris from the outdoor unit. However, your system should be checked by a certified HVAC technician at least once, preferably twice per year, even if it seems to be running properly. HVAC equipment manufacturers understand the value of regular routine maintenance. Most now require these annual maintenance services as a condition of the warranty, so it pays to invest in preventive maintenance regardless of the age of the system.

Industry research also shows that preventive maintenance can result in:

  • Decreased incidence of emergency repairs.
  • Lower operating costs due to reduced repairs and better performance.
  • Improved energy efficiency as the unit ages.
  • A longer operating life since there is less stress from wear and tear.

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The Twin Cooling Process

The Twin Cooling process is an easy three steps. Call Twin Cooling for a free maintenance package estimate.  Set a date and time that is convenient for you to have our technician come out and service your hvac system. Pay when the work is done and enjoy the cool! 

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